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The nature of  ‘me’, ‘mine’, or ‘I am’. 

Mine – Mine – Mine 

Mine – (Verb) to dig or to mine.

Mine – (Possessive Pronoun) the possessive form of ‘I’. 

Mine – (Noun) A repository or storehouse of something hidden deep underground.

There is no suitable synonym for ‘Asmimānaya’ in the English language, and therefore the English title for this film is one that is neither directly related to it nor completely unrelated to it. The purpose of this is to generate a symbolic meaning by taking into account the meaning of ‘Asmimānaya’ in Buddhism as well as the way that the concept is depicted in the film.

Additionally, the injury or injustice that is liable to happen to the original meaning, along with the “Lack of Language” that occurs when such concepts found in Eastern philosophies are defined by foreign cultures and languages has also been taken into account. Words from such philosophies, including Buddhism, such as ‘Samsara’, ‘Karma’, and ‘Nirvana’, along with their meanings and concepts have gained popular usage around the world. We feel that the word ‘Asmimāna’ should be used similarly in order to convey its conceptual and philosophical meaning.

Please view the PHILOSOPHY section in order to view detailed explanations of the concept and meaning of ‘Asmimānaya’ as referenced in comprehensive texts in Buddhist philosophy, ancient sources, theoretical facts, and analysis of the Abhidharma. You can also explore other philosophical and scientific knowledge systems of the world that may provide information and further resources to help you identify this concept.