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In an island nation like Sri Lanka, which has declined economically, the film industry is one of the sectors that is affected by the decline in its early stages. The entire art and artists become the first victims of that bankruptcy at such a moment. Our generation who dreamed of becoming filmmakers and artists after being educated in the field of cinema, are tired and exhausted trying so hard to create works. “To be able to make a film” in such an environment is nothing short of astonishing and a feat of luck. But the film ‘Asmimānaya’ is not just a result of being lucky in such a context. 

It is also the result of years of experimentation, sacrifice, research, and creation in search of an alternative cinema, an alternative creative process and production method, as well as self-confidence in the face of failure. Due to the strong desire for filmmaking, it is the result of searching for an alternative method for that.

The journey, study, and experience behind the making of the film ‘Asmimānaya’ is given here. Our aim is to share the knowledge and experience gained through this creative process with everyone who is looking for alternative art practice.