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The information provided here is intended to provide the necessary guidance for those who wish to study further the concepts behind this filmmaking. Buddhist sutras, Abhidharma descriptions, as well as books and documents written based on the concept ‘Asmimānaya’ and other ideas connected to the film, are mentioned here. Also, a series of videos and audios including interviews and sermons of Buddhist monks, scholars, and researchers with related information is also included here.

Also, in studying and understanding the Buddhist concepts and systems associated with this creative process, resources of other knowledge systems are also provided here. This section also details philosophical, sociological, scientific, and technical knowledge and resources that may be important to further study. The aim of this section is also to facilitate the identification and the difference between the concepts of Buddhism and other systems of knowledge and to compare them with each other.

The primary purpose of this is not to study the film or to analyze its meaning, but to provide some guidance to those who wish to deeply study and explore the concepts of the Buddha’s philosophy that formed the background and foundation for the film.